Wouter Gerber
Vice Chairman
Inus Van Der Westhuizen
Secretary/Ring Master
Jacques Kruger

Chairman’s thoughts

Good day fellow fanciers.

Firstly, I would like to welcome all our new members, flying and non-flying, and hope you enjoy our website as much as we do.

So where do I start…?

2020 was a year that nobody will forget, some of us have lost loved ones, lost their jobs but we are created strong, we will get up, dust ourselves off and carry on. Strange how the thought came up where a pigeon that rolls down and survives, gets its breath back, looks around and gets back up. Even if it is injured, it will always get back up to try and get back home. This might also be a lesson for us in our lives, we fall, survive, get back up and keep going.

While 2021 started off with us still in level one lockdown, and nobody knows what the year will hold but we are hopeful that vaccination will happen, and we will be able to start focussing on the future with lessons learned in the past couple of years. With Covid regulations in place, we had to make some adjustments to be able to have our Annual General Meeting (AGM). We host our AGM and extraordinarily little has changed on the constitution and all Committee members were excited when we were done with the meeting as we had two new clubs that joined the Federation, and this would be a judge challenge to fly with the best of the best.

We kicked off our competition in March 2021, we will fly one competition each month till October and then have our annual prize giving. Two competitions are done and dusted (March and April) and if I look at the scoreboard the first 4 places are dominated by the new clubs, which is no surprise as we know there are so many good fanciers that do not fly in competitions but given the change, it could put some serious scores on the board. Saying that, we should remember that there is plenty of time left in this year for anything to happen. At this stage we have the longest roll on 12.78 seconds, and best bird running first place with 23.97. Let us see what happens closer to the time. With winter approaching shortly, the birds are preforming better month after month, and with breeding season around the corner, we have a busy schedule. We are experiencing the outbreak of bird flu and all birds need to be vaccinated against the flu as soon as possible. Just stick to the rules and do not let stray birds get close to you cages.

People always ask me why pigeons, or rather Roller Pigeons, what is the fun in it, and isn’t it a lot of work? My answer is, my pigeons are like your dog or cat, except for the fact that Pigeons are extremely technical. Feeding, medicating, breeding and the training of these birds is fun, but cleaning the loft is not always classified as fun, but you can learn so much from only the droppings that it should keep you on your toes.

Hopefully, we will have a good year and new records will be broken. All competitions and scores will be posted on the website the moment it is available.

This brings me to giving praise to our Lord All Mighty for carrying us through these times and blessing us with these little miracles, people call, Pigeons.

Kind regards
Wouter Gerber